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Motorcycle Accidents

There is a lot of varying data as to what causes motorcycle accidents. Common reasons include the following:

  • Motorcycles are often “invisible” to automobile or truck drivers
  • For this reason, motorcycles are often ignored and accidents occur
  • Automobiles and trucks often cut off motorcycles by making left hand turns in front of the motorcycle. This is extremely dangerous, often resulting in extreme injury, because the motorcyclist’s head may crash directly into the auto or truck
  • At nighttime, motorcyclists often wear black or dark clothes and they are actually quite invisible to other drivers. In order to change this, the motorcyclist would have to make a conscious effort to wear bright, light, reflective clothing – just to be seen

Other Reasons for Motorcycle Accidents

  • Lack of protection: a motorcyclist is virtually unprotected, other than when the driver wears a helmet
  • If a head-on crash occurs between a car and a motorcycle, the motorcyclist will almost always be injured or killed
  • Motorcyclists like to speed and in many instances they cause their own accidents by speeding and driving dangerously
  • Motorcyclists often race each other in the street, during the night or day, and they often cannot stop in time
  • Also, when a motorcycle races, they often “wipe out” right in the street

If you were involved in a motorcycle accident that was the fault of the motorcyclist, it is advisable to preserve your rights to compensation by consulting with a knowledgeable motorcycle accident personal injury attorney. You may seek maximum compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of income, property damage, loss of enjoyment of life, and other applicable compensation.

Obtain a Complimentary Case Review with Las Vegas Attorney Paul VanDerwerken – No Legal Fees Unless We Win or Settle Your Case

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident that was the fault of the motorcycle driver, it is important to preserve your rights to compensation, particularly if you were seriously injured. The attorneys and investigators at the Law Office of Paul VanDerwerken will reconstruct the accident, using all available data, images, eyewitnesses, photographic images and in some circumstances, satellite imagery to prove your innocence and the other party’s negligence. Attorney Paul VanDerwerken offers a complimentary case review, which can be scheduled by calling 702-385-5050. He has been practicing law for more than 20 years and has settled more than 2000 cases, and has won more than 125 verdicts in court.

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